Digital Project Management

What requirements do you have for the new solution? We support you by selecting suitable products and partners.

Whether archive, library or museum - information technology transforms the work in cultural and memory institutions. The digital transformation is on everyone's lips and captures large parts of our work. Our team supports you in recognizing and benefiting from the potential of digital transformation and accompanies you on the way to implementing a sustainable digital strategy. Data is being generated ever faster and in ever greater quantities. We help you harness the power of highly scalable technologies to store, process and analyze structured and unstructured information, so you can get the most out of the data you hold and produce.

The transition from analogue index cards to digital databases has happened in some places faster than thinking over it. And even with sustainable solutions, the journey to transform the digital potential to strengthen the traditional heart of cultural management is not over and can lead to fantastic solutions. But before you need to consider stable infrastructure and responsible research data management at all data lifecycle stages: concerning applications, suitable repositories for publication, long-term file preservation, education and training issues in data and code literacy?

We find pragmatic solutions to your needs. We do complete project management or take care of specific tasks and digital humanities fields: capturing, visualization, and automation.