IT Consulting

Do you need expert consulting to examine suitable products and partners to select the right offer?

Embarking on a digital project requires careful consideration of various aspects. A robust infrastructure and responsible data management are crucial at every stage of the data lifecycle. This encompasses suitable repositories for applications, long-term file preservation, and education and training in data and code literacy. In today’s world, data is generated at an unprecedented rate and volume. We assist you in harnessing the power of scalable technologies for storing, processing, and analyzing both structured and unstructured data, ensuring you get the optimal solution for your needs.

Our team meticulously evaluates the best products and partners for your unique situation. We help you understand how to leverage the potential of digital transformation for yourself and your organization. From initial consultation to full implementation, we guide you in developing a sustainable digital strategy. Our advisory services and external assessments ensure your digital projects remain functional, durable, and cost-effective.

We provide consulting and training, as with a CAS of the University of Basel, here you can find additional references.