Digitization & Imaging

We are experienced imaging professionals with rich experience in 2D, 3D and enhanced visualizations.

The digital age offers many opportunities to make knowledge accessible for you everywhere and to a broad public. We support institutions in capturing and preserving archival material and objects with the help of standardized digitization and making them suitable for the web to activate their value for today's society by making them generally web-based accessible.

We transform your originals with the best quality into the digital domain by choosing the perfect illumination conditions, capturing and reproduction, knowing Metamorphoze, FADGI and ISO standards from the heart to guarantee compliant image data. We know conventional studio photography and state of the art technologies from scratch. We can set your originals into the perfect light and create high-resolution photographs, photogrammetry, and reflection transformation imaging (RTI).
And what about sustainability? We advocate the importance of documentation, the simplicity of code, and the right choice for file and metadata formats.